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Photocredits: Laura Herz 
Originated near Frankfurt am Main, Mark Fuchs is a visual artist and a techno music lover. He started making videos in 2004 under the name « Bricoleur » (and later Mark Shreier or Optics4Vision) influenced by music videos such as Anthony Rother « Hacker », Aphex Twin « Come to daddy », Miss Kittin And The Hacker « 1982 ». From 2006 he was a VJ at Frankfurt‘s cult Techno Club U60311.

He did visuals for Nature One in 2007&2008 and he was a part of a party series in Frankfurt called « MinimalRockers »  a monthly club event. In September 2007 he moved to Hamburg and soon started making visuals for "Bypass" and "Kommune elb ». From then on, he became a key figure of the local VJ scene and spread his images in just about every club
( Waagenbau, Fund Bureau, Übel & Gefährlich, Terrace Hill, etc…).
After a while he was booked for vjing in Berlin clubs too and in 2012 he moved to Berlin. Onwards he moved from vjing to focusing more on
teasers and music videos.