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Photocredits: Laura Herz 
Originated near Frankfurt am Main, Mark Fuchs is a visual artist and a techno music lover. He started making videos in 2004 under the name « Bricoleur » (and later Mark Shreier or Optics4Vision) influenced by music videos such as Anthony Rother « Hacker », Aphex Twin « Come to daddy », Miss Kittin And The Hacker « 1982 ». From 2006 he was a VJ at Frankfurt‘s cult Techno Club U60311.

He did visuals for Nature One in 2007&2008 and he was a part of a party series in Frankfurt called « MinimalRockers »  a monthly club event. In September 2007 he moved to Hamburg and soon started making visuals for "Bypass" and "Kommune elb ». From then on, he became a key figure of the local VJ scene and spread his images in just about every club
( Waagenbau, Fund Bureau, Übel & Gefährlich, Terrace Hill, etc…).
After a while he was booked for vjing in Berlin clubs too and in 2012 he moved to Berlin. Onwards he moved from vjing to focusing more on
teasers and music videos and he started some colaborations with musicians to create an AudioVideo Liveact.    

In March 2020 he started Digital Film Production studies at SAE Berlin.